Things We Need

Urgent Needs

ROOMS IN NIJMEGEN – you have a free room in your house? Great! Friends who fled their countries have to leave Heumensoord but want to stay in Nijmegen with us. Contact us if you have a free room, we can make links for nice kijkavonde and we also help and assist in the paperwork.

TRANSLATORS – the webpage and newsletters need translations into Tigrinya, Farsi and Arabic. If you want to help please contact us.

INTERVIEWERS – get in touch via our contact mail. Stories want to be heard. You would help give a voice to the unheard by listening and writing texts and / or transcribing material.

Always Needed

MEETING PREPARATION – we are self organized. That goes for our meetings as well. From the organization to the cooking: all of this lies in shared hands. We happily take your helping hand in.

BIKES – donate bikes or bike gear like repair stuff and lights! Or are you interested in building a bike share system or you want to brainstorm this in another way? In any case, it’s great if you contact us via

COFFEE STAND PEOPLE – we have cans, coffee, tea, a bakfiets and a place to prepare those hot drinks. You have some time and look for a direct and simple way to show that you care? You want to meet some great new people and sip coffee with them? Then contact us.

People who have already done this happily share their experience or do it with you together.