Working Groups/Projects

(this page is under construction, information is added daily)

In essence justPeople is just a bunch of people organized in different groups to work together on projects. Some of those need regular work, like writing articles, answering e-mails and organizing regular events like the Women’s Meeting.

But not all the things we do come from these groups. We are always happy when people get together to organize an info-evening, write a zine or do an action. As long as it fits our general philosophy, everybody is invited to do something. Just come to the meeting and propose your project. Sure there will be people who join you!

Working Groups/Projects

Women’s Meeting
Once a month we organise the Women’s Day Out. This event is for women only. Local residents from Nijmegen, women from the asylum seekers’ center and international students come together to talk, eat and dance in a safe space. Interested? Write to info[at]
The Workshop group organizes regular workshops on every topic that is of interest to us. These can be about group dynamics, movement building, all other relevant skills, etc. The goal is to educate ourselves and exchange the knowledge and skills that we have as well as invite others to share there knowledge. (more info and contact).
We support people who obtain their asylum to live where they chose to live. Upon getting refugee status people are assigned to a random municipality across the country. We believe that everyone living in this country should be able to choose freely in which city they want to live and work or study.We help with finances, bureaucracy and finding a place.
As an alleviation from the seriousness of political activism we organised several parties. It is an opportunity to relax and have fun together. People are invited to dj, share their music and jam together. The money raised by the event is then used for other projects again and to support anti-authoritarian and radical causes all around the world. 
Regular meetings to talk Dutch with each other. The meetings are guided by a Dutch-speaking facilitator. Rather then correctness and purity of language the emphasis lies on actual using it to communicate with each other. (more info and contact)
Because our site is hosted on wordpress, we face several limitations in the design of this site. Therefore a few people are working on a website relaunch: our own server, our own design. This group just started and if you know anything about webdesing, coding or server maintenance, just write a mail to info[at]
The writing team writes articles for our blog, puts content on our website and shares this on social media. Are you interested in writing about current affairs and developments? Would you like to be a reporter and use text, audio and video to cover our events? Then contact the group via info[at]
We currently try to translate relevant information such as information material and invitations to events. We are also able to have simultaneous translation to Arabic, Turkish and French during our meetings.