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#stillmarching! Women’s march Nijmegen 11-03-17 12pm, plein 1944

See you there! Information via the Facebook event: On Saturday 11 March we will stand together against hate and every form of discrimination*, and fight for diversity and equal rights for all. This fight is global as well as national: with the Dutch parliamentary elections coming up on 15 March, we want to make our… Continue reading #stillmarching! Women’s march Nijmegen 11-03-17 12pm, plein 1944

Women's meeting

Female magic & female power

Happy women’s day! This video is from the last Women’s Day Out that we organize. Female empowerment, getting together and uniting is what we believe in!

We reflected on the Feminine Sacred before. We want to share it here with you again, toghether with warm invitation to come and participate in our meetings! Just send us an email or connect on Facebook.
The women’s meeting is now known as the ‘sacred’ space and moment in which all women who sympathize with the immigration cause are welcome.
Without even mentioning the ancient concepts related to the Sacred Feminine, the event itself has strong characters of exaltation and unity for the present women.

Ultimately, we found out that women are not that much in public or going out, because they face constantly male oppression, discrimination and disempowerment. Therefore, we offer the Day Out as a safe space where women can come, express themselves, cook together, have nice talks, dance and enjoy a peaceful and friendly atmosphere.

We have been organizing Women’s Day Out roughly every two months, and it has reached women from different groups and living spaces all over Nijmegen, offering literally a Day Out off their normal daily lives. It is now known as a frequent encounter of females and in each edition more and more girls, kids, women and elders come together and celebrate their feminine nature in a safe and open place. In this sense, it’s not silly to compare the way these women gather with the ancient rituals to celebrate the Feminine Sacred.

Women's meeting

Feminine Sacred and the Women’s Day Out

On a sunny afternoon of September, on the very last day of the month, a bunch of women got together to celebrate “the Feminine”. One more time the girls from justPeople, volunteers and guests gathered with the simple purpose of enjoying each other’s Feminine. In a practical view, we met, cooked together, had nice talks,… Continue reading Feminine Sacred and the Women’s Day Out

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On Friday the 30th: Working group meeting and Women’s meeting.

JustPeople is a collective that organizes activities for and with people who live in Nijmegen, for people with and without “refugee” background. We organize in a horizontal way and we want to move away from making differences as a main definition tool. In this way, we organize in changing working groups. You have an idea… Continue reading On Friday the 30th: Working group meeting and Women’s meeting.

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Women from all over the world unite, share and dance! Come to the Women’s day out on Friday 24th of June


Hello ladies, tomorrow we have another women’s day out! Or let’s say: we CELEBRATE another women’s day out!
Eating, chatting, dancing with women from all over the world- check the video and join in tomorrow at Hortus Nijmegen. Wanna help? Send an email to
Thanks to all our supporters, namely Repowerparty for the bags with presents last time, Anushka Market and Meltem market!

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