Events · Women's meeting · Working Group Meeting

On Friday the 30th: Working group meeting and Women’s meeting.

JustPeople is a collective that organizes activities for and with people who live in Nijmegen, for people with and without “refugee” background. We organize in a horizontal way and we want to move away from making differences as a main definition tool.

In this way, we organize in changing working groups. You have an idea for an event or for an initiative? Great! Then you can find like minded people to join forces.

Contact us via, via FB or check our website in order see what is going on at the moment, that is to say, what projects our working groups run. Once a month we meet for open platform meetings in which we update each other and make consensus-based decisions. Also once a month we meet additionally with the working groups.

Everyone is welcome to participate in one of the many working groups and also very welcome to start new Projects.
The Meeting will start at 19:30 with a little Warm Up and continue then with a Check in and Updates from each Group. After the Meeting the Groups can individually work, exchange and chill.




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