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How do you make a demonstration a safe place? Anti racism must be the base of it!

Update on the demonstration “Nijmegen against hate” today:
How can you let someone speak at a demonstration against hate who preaches hate in the rest of thes time?
At this demonstration, nazis were walking around. And a Pegida guy was speaking. After his doubtable words, he was walking off with other nazis.
This is not ok! How can you open your podium for people to preach hate at a demo against hate?!
Luckily some people screamed and made some noise, revealing who was actually speaking.
It is good to have a conversation. But this conversation should be based on human rights and anti fascism!
Not only do we have to live with compassion. We also need to stand up against racism. This means not to passively leave the stage to such people! Identify them so you know who you’re dealing with!

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