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The party that rocked our world

Did you avoid the heat during the last couple of days? Well, we didn’t. We were on fire preparing and running a party and dinner in De Grotebroek, the autonomous social center in Nijmegen.  Last Saturday witnessed a blend of vegan gastronomic taste and DIY music entertainment with  political activism.


During eetcafe  50 people enjoyed 3-course meal including a bean soup, couscous, green salad, Russian-style salad, pickled radishes and a rhubarb crumble. Regardless of the fact that those tasty treats took two days of preparation, seeing the quests enjoying the food was very rewarding.

After the dinner we moved down to the basement in De Onderbroek where the bands Papas Kopen Tandenborstels and Mandeleo took the stage. Following that DJs Hermelin and Swingmar & Blau urged us to move our hips. Lets also give it up to the bartenders who served us refreshing drinks and cheered us up. What is a party without a decoration? All sorts of colorful flags, scarves and banners were hanging in the venue. At the door a team of enthusiasts was welcoming the partygoers. A table with cookies and cakes was set up at the entrance, so people could grab some sweets in exchange for a small amount.


Money that was earned from the dinner, party, baking action and donations will go to a migrant family in need and our friends in Lesbos. Should you be interested in learning about our friends’ documentary and refugee-support activism on the Greek island, check their website. Thanks for showing your solidarity! You all rocked because your small contribution and support can eventually lead to wider impacts. Check our statement too. It was a pleasure entertaining you! Til next time.

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