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Film fragments of autonomy. Lesvos in Nijmegen.

Lesvos is coming to Nijmegen! As you know, two of our group have been to Lesvos. Now, Laura is about to finish the movie and we are going to screen fragments on the Kaaij on the first weekend of September.

As the dear Miro put it:

“On Lesbos, where refugees are marginalized, our Laura courageously creates spaces of hope through activism. In a forthcoming documentary, she will not only show us the horrid conditions on the island, but also the power of solidarity, humanity and cooperation through the compelling stories of five women. Read Laura’s interview in Voxweb​ and stay tuned for more.”
(via justPeople)

The movie (Lesvos:beautiful prison) is premiering on 16 september in Nijmegen. Mark your calendars and be there! The outdoor screening location will still be announced. Time is nightfall. Yes!We’ve set up a website for the movie and the whole project. Have a look here. (and this is Facebook).


On the first weekend of September (1st-3rd), we will screen fragments on the movie at the Kaaij in Nijmegen from 16:00-20:00. In the weeks afterwards, we will guerilla screen fragments as well in the public space of Nijmegen city (more info follows soon on social media). Here is the event: (more info facebook).

Yours, grateful and excited,


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