Weekly Meeting 17.00 (+ concert & banner making)

Hey everyone,

our weekly meeting will take place tomorrow in the Klinker again
(van Broeckhuysenstraat 46), starting at 17.00. We will start a bit earlier to have enough time to talk about what happened last week, like the recent events in the camp and Paris. On top, we also want to make banners and posters for the big demo this Saturday. So bring whatever material you can get your hands on, and most importantly, some funky ideas for what to write.

Then, in collaboration with the Nijmeegse StadsNomaden, we will also have an awesome concert given by “The Flamenco Thief”, starting around 19.00. A musician you really don’t wanna miss. Promise! Check him out on YouTube!

All in all, the idea for tomorrow is to have a focused start and to then
have our informal part with drinks and food (bring some!) during the
concert. If we happen to need more time for the banners it should be no problem to continue working on them during the concert. We can officially have the Klinker until 21.00.

From 21.00 onwards, there will be StonerRock, downstairs, in the
OnderBroek – also nice!

17-19 Group work + Reflection last week + Banner making
19-21 Concerto: “The Flamenco Thief” + Drinks
21-… OnderBroek: StonerRock


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