Coffee & tea stand Heumensoord · Get Involved!

We are there because we care

Regularly, we visit the refugee camp Heumensoord with some coffee and tea. We wouldn’t have met a lot of the people who now are “justPeople” without this meeting point.

We are there because we care.

If you don’t have a bike, it can easily take an hour and a half to walk into the city center from the camp. So one can easily call this a pretty isolated place, especially if you don’t know your way around well in a city and a country you don’t know. For us that we have the local knowledge and the mobility, it’s a smaller step but a big gesture.

You want to get in contact? Join in and set up the stand? Just send us a message here or an email to Then we can link you to our organizational group, to a guideline to set up the stand and to people who have been there before. We are always happy to share and care and to listen to each other. Like this we learn and can grow together with these experiences.


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