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Bicycle Repair Day at Heumensoord


Activists and refugees joined hands to repair bicycles last Sunday in front of tent camp Heumensoord. This joint action aimed to tackle the mobility problem of refugees residing in Heumensoord. Because the camp is located 8 km away from the city center of Nijmegen and no other transportation is provided for the dwellers of Heumensoord, cycling and walking are the only means to reach the city center or any other location in Nijmegen. Several residents of the camp have already found bikes which need maintenance.  The most common breakdowns were the flat tire and dropped chain. Due to bumps, pebbles and thorns along Beukenlaan, it is not surprising that the aforementioned breakdowns occur.

Not only did adults from Heumensoord show impressive bike fixing skills, but also the children. We enjoyed a nice afternoon full of laughter, determination and happiness. We also talked about the upcoming asylum procedure. Unfortunately, we could not repair all the bikes that day, but we plan to organize such a day soon.

In fall 2015 our collective donated about 20 bikes to residents of the camp. Should you have a spare bike or bike parts as well as repair tool kits (especially bike repair stickers), do not hesitate to donate them to people from Heumensoord who are in dire need.  You can contact us on or 0630290923.


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