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Video translation: RTL nieuws visits camp Heumensoord after report of critical human rights situation

Click here to see yesterday’s video. Below, you find an English translation of what is said.

Voice over:

These are images from the inside, no real bad stuff visible, but still, there is a lot wrong.

Then the woman:

Lack of privacy, lack of living expenses, too much noise makes people sleep badly, and some of them are already in bad mental state, sometimes they end up in a depression.

Voice over:

In Heumensoord, there are almost 3000 people among whom are almost 700 kids. A lot of them have been there for months.


If you speak to people here, they say they are thankful, because everything is better than war. Still, most of the refugees say that this many people in one spot is too much.


Voice over:

The sanitary facilities are good for a school camp. But does not give privacy when you are there for a months. Some groups have it extra bad.

Woman again:

That means homosexual asylum seekers, people with psychological problems, pregnant women, children, but we have not researched that, because the children Ombudsman will also come with a report,

Voice over:

This mother does not need that report to see what’s wrong.


Children are scared and can’t sleep because of the wind.

Voice over:

COA says that we have built this when 3000 people a week came to The Netherlands.

COA man:

This has been put up quickly, with help from the military and the surrounding cities, since then we have been working there. We have learned a lot and are better prepared now.

Voice Over:

COA can not promise that we don’t need camps this size in the future. A lot of asylum seekers have other, bigger worries, by the way.


Voice over
July one Heumensoord will be made ready for vierdaagse again.

One thought on “Video translation: RTL nieuws visits camp Heumensoord after report of critical human rights situation

  1. It’s the worst camp in the world
    We can’t do any thing
    I have a Sun he is always craeying and sicken and feel a big fears on his life please help us


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