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Housing / meeting tonight

Housing (do you know anyone with an affordable room?)

We have set up a working group that gathers the information on how to get a room/house/living space in Nijmegen. This can be formal or more informal solutions. We are planning to present the information in a booklet (that could be online and printed). There is a lot of work todo (gathering, designing, translation, printing, distributing (online and offline) so if you want to join send a mail to or come to next meeting on Friday, 15th of April that is in one hour from now, at 19:00 at the Klinker!

For people that want to rent a place we are planning money pot from which we can support people until they get their social security money (which can take up to a few weeks). As of now we are looking for donations/loan options from private persons and individuals as well. We are collecting information and the team could definitely some help, especially for outreach. So if you feel like getting involved, just let us know.

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