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Video: You’re welcome – showing gratitude.

One year ago, people form Syria arrived in Heumensoord. As we all now they had fled their countries due to the war going on. Back then we heard from residents in the camp that they wanted to march from Heumensoord to the central station, expressing their gratitude to the Dutch people. As a symbol of that, they handed out roses.

One year has passed. A lot of people stayed until May in the camp, in far from perfect conditions. What we can say now with certainty, is that people are just put on hold for too long. Nevertheless, there was a lot of engagement form the Dutch locals as well as from the people with a refugee background.

But is that enough? How many possibilities do the authorities offer now to the newcomers? Do they receive the gratitude and turn it into real chances of participation and mutual learning?


Videos: First of all we are human.

Before anything else we are human. In different ways this messages comes across in the two videos listed above from two very good initiatives. Fighting racism and unjust EU policies it is one of the powerful key arguments we should not forget! First there is the great idea and campaign from Flüchtlinge Willkommen (Refugees Welcome):… Continue reading Videos: First of all we are human.

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#safepassage now! European demo on sat. the 27th, join in Amsterdam!

On 27 February 2016 Europe unites for refugees. More than 100 cities in 22 countries have organised protests. Join us in Amsterdam on this day and let’s make our voices heard! PROGRAM 13:00 Opening at Museumplein Reading of #safepassage Amsterdam Manifest by organisers and special guest Sity (Loket Leros) 13:15 Speeches by Eduard Nazarski (Director… Continue reading #safepassage now! European demo on sat. the 27th, join in Amsterdam!

Events · Solidarity & Protest

Demo: Refugees welcome- racists not welcome. In Amsterdam (Sat., 13:00) English Many people are presently fleeing terrible wars, poverty and oppression, however, Pegida is abusing this tragedy to sow hate and fear against entire communities. They are calling for a demonstration on February 6 in Amsterdam against the ‘Islamization of Europe’. This is taking place in the same month that we commemorate the February… Continue reading Demo: Refugees welcome- racists not welcome. In Amsterdam (Sat., 13:00)