Videos: First of all we are human.

Before anything else we are human. In different ways this messages comes across in the two videos listed above from two very good initiatives. Fighting racism and unjust EU policies it is one of the powerful key arguments we should not forget!

First there is the great idea and campaign from Flüchtlinge Willkommen (Refugees Welcome): short videos fight prejudice. And they come as a google/youtube ad. So if you want to watch a video with racist content like the far right parties in Germany, you cannot avoid the truth. You look into the eyes of a real person saying “I am refugee or not – first of all i am human”.

Second we want to share here a nice video that gives a glimpse of the work of Aid Delivery Mission. It is a great initiative of people who take responsibility and go where their help is needed. “Unlike the EU we refuse to forget that refugees are humans”.
Great solidarity.

Visit and


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