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#safepassage now! European demo on sat. the 27th, join in Amsterdam!

On 27 February 2016 Europe unites for refugees. More than 100 cities in 22 countries have organised protests. Join us in Amsterdam on this day and let’s make our voices heard!


13:00 Opening at Museumplein
Reading of #safepassage Amsterdam Manifest by organisers and special guest Sity (Loket Leros)

13:15 Speeches by Eduard Nazarski (Director Amnesty International Nederland), Ans Boersma (Spokesperson Stichting Bootvluchteling), Karline Kleijer (Emergency Desk Manager Artsen Zonder Grenzen), Nikoletta (ReInform), Mohammad Abdulazez (Syrian photojournalist, refugee) and musical contributions by Gharib Ali, Tania Markaki and Özenç Hikmet Demirkan

14:15 Invitation to Protest March for Safe Passage by Steffi de Pous (Because We Carry)

14:45 Return to Museumplein
Activities of Solidarity: launching paper boats with wishes and slogans at the pond of Museumplein, photoshoot with participants. So bring your own personal boat and #safepassage sign!

15:00 Finish

Supporting organisations

Amnesty International Nederland || XminY || Oxfam Novib || Stichting Bootvluchteling || Because We Carry || HulpKaravaan naar Griekenland || LoketLeros || Nederlands-Griekse Mediacirkel || Griekse Gemeenschap van Amsterdam || Grenzeloos || Platform Stop Racisme en Uitsluiting || ReInform || Nederland Bekent Kleur || GroenLinks Amsterdam || SP || Internationale Socialisten || Piratenpartij Amsterdam, Noord-Holland ||

About the initiative

On 27 February 2016 European citizens will come together in cities across the continent to stand up for human rights in Europe.

We are demanding that European authorities and governments take action now to open secure safe passage routes for all those who seek protection.

– #safepassage means legal and safe routes: no more deaths at our borders

– #safepassage means protection for refugees on their travel through Europe

– #safepassage means keeping internal borders open within Schengen

– #safepassage means high standards of reception and asylum in all European countries, no longer diminishing the rights of asylum seekers and refugees, allowing refugees to keep their belongings, allowing them to be reunited with their families immediately and providing stability as far as their right of residence is concerned.

These people are running away from war, persecution and starvation. But Europe is looking the other way – a death count in the Mediterranean Sea of 360 men, women and children in January 2016 and appalling conditions in refugee camps like Calais and Dunkirk speak for themselves.

The death of three year old Aylan Kurdi in September 2015 sparked a global outrage, but since then more than 300 children have silently drowned. According to the UN children now make up over one third of groups crossing from Turkey to Greece.

It is more urgent than ever to guarantee safe passage. The more borders and fences there are, the more smugglers, dangerous journeys and deaths;
the more bombs, the more refugees.

We demand that our governments:
* Open the borders for refugees and acknowledge their human rights.
* Open the fence at the border between Northern Greece and Turkey, so refugees can travel safely and legally and don’t need to risk their lives at the Aegean anymore.
* Stop the bombing of countries in the Middle East causing more refugees.
* Stand up for human rights and act properly against xenophobia and exclusion.

#SafePassage Now!

Text taken from the Facebook event page.



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