Courses open at Radboud university for refugees Sept 2016- Nov 2016

At Radboud university, an initiative called ‘Asylum university’ promotes to open courses to people without a “status” to participate. Even though the semester has already started, you can still contact the people teaching and we are very positive that you can still drop in.

It is a very important step to lower the walls that can surround university and make it difficult to just hop onto the learning train. The courses mentioned below surely welcome you as a person, they welcome everyone, because learning should be for everyone and knowledge should be shared.

Courses open to refugees

 The Department of Geography, Planning and Environment  invites refugees

You are a refugee in the Netherlands and you are interested in studying at the Radboud University? The department of Geography, Planning and Environment offers you the opportunity to get first impressions of studying and participating at University level courses and meet and work with other students and staff.

Target Group:

People above the age of 18 years.


Sit-in lectures:

You can join our courses or from time to time sit in on lectures without registration. Our courses cover various themes in geography, spatial planning and environment. You can join weekly or from time to time without registration, and listen to exciting lectures on wide ranging issues and topics of (Human) Geography.

From the current academic year you can choose between the following topics.

  • Name of the Course: Approaches to Space and Environment,
    Language: English
    Lecturer: Dr. Olivier Kramsch
    – Monday 13.45 – 15h30, Room Linneausbuilding 8 and
    – Thursday 10h45 – 12h30, and 13h45 – 15h30, Room Erasmusbuilding 2.50
    Period: September – End of October 2016
  • Name of the Course: Postcolonial Europe,
    Language: English
    Lecturer: Dr. Olivier Kramsch, dr. Anouk de Koning and Ms. Kolar Aparna MSc
    Days: Fridays 13h45 – 17h30 in Erasmusbuilding 2.12
    Period: September – Middle of November 2016

* The courses will be updated for every block as and when they are running. Please contact Gerda van der Zwaard-de Kruijk by e-mail for exact time and location schedules. Email: Gerda van der Zwaard


Do you have an interesting idea or story or theme or research question that you would like to investigate on your own or with a group of academics or students? We are open to having a dialogue with you to think together and possibly write together.


If you have further questions on this invitation please contact:

Gerda van der Zwaard-de Kruijk
Department of Geography, Planning and Environment
Nijmegen School of Management | Radboud Universiteit Nijmegen

Working days: Mondays and Tuesdays
Visiting address: Thomas van Aquinostraat 3.1.44 | Tel: 024-3612099


More information:


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