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Why we need diversity

The diversity in this world is often so big and complex, that we tend to simplify contexts, thus constructing easily sustainable, self-reinforcing and often dualistic images of what we perceive. We spread the voice of those who we think represent us, yet hardly anyone has actually proven capable of doing so. We make rules for those who hurt, yet the rules hurt those who are free to love.

It is very easy to forget the 30 years of life history that a person prone to violence may have had, and just as easy to condemn such behavior, without actually learning anything about their personal context and constructs, or even without learning anything about how to help overcome such issues with people in our own environment, communities and societies. The condemning itself may be necessary at times, but it´s function has very limited reach and educational content, and thus is only one of many steps in the learning process.

We are talking about globalization, we are buying from all over the world, we fly to places where we become five times as rich, yet we may not accept the child who made our t-shirt into our own country. When diversity and differentiation is depicted as competition, dualism, scarcity, or used as means or product of trauma and molded into an undervalued minority, it is easy to fall for decontextualized simplification. It is very easy to slowly corrupt ourselves, believing our constructs will lead the way, rather than our (re)actions and intentions. It is very easy to step into the same shit, while we could´ve smelled the remains of it from those who stepped before us. This is a daily test, not one that awaits only at our mid-life crisis.

By actually perceiving the diversity as a value in itself, it may become clear that we do not always have, or even need an answer or a so called solution. Both within ourselves as between each other, we share virtues that can help us to reflect, to filter, to learn, to progress, to develop, to share and to facilitate creation between each other. We may learn that we do not have to do it alone, and can create without destructive costs to the other. In a safe, diverse and complex context, emotions can be experienced, practiced and outlived. The wider the range of experience, the easier the search for compassion and understanding. Fear, anger and tragedy are often the most painful of those, and thus deserve least simplification, and more constructive attention.

Solidarity is not something for yea-sayers. Solidarity is the acknowledgement of each other, the acknowledgement of virtues, the acknowledgement of struggle, the acknowledgement of possible teachings, respect, integrity, and the acknowledgement of differences. With this comes all that is human, such as drama, aggression, love and courage. It is only movement that creates connection, and as the universe implies, expansion goes further than what we can see.

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