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Journeys. Film and info evening March 22nd

Filmcafé Onderbelicht and justPeople invite take you on a journey this evening. We travel to Lesvos, think back to Heumensoord and follow Aboud from Syria on his path searching refuge in the EU. This evening contextualizes the trip “Postcards from the border“, which will start in April and consists about taking action in solidarity networks in Greece. In July the (justPeople 🙂 ) people going there will come back to Nijmegen with a documentary movie.

This awaits you in De Klinker Nijmegen:

20.30 Short movie Lesvos
20:45 Project presentation “Engage! Postcards from the border”
21:00 “The Journey” by Matthew Cassel
22:10 last round together at the bar

Journeys are often the begin for something new.
(1) With Onderbelicht, we have Heumensoord in the back of our mind when we travel to Lesvos in the first part of this evening.

(2) It’s also the Heumensoord experience, that sets the tone for the project “Postcards from the border”. It is a documentary movie alongside getting active in solidarity networks in Greece.
“Let’s engage!” is the message. The trip starts mid April and after two months the team will come back to Nijmegen to share their experiences in the form of the movie. https://www.startnext.com/en/engage-border-postcards

(3) “The Journey” is documentary series that follows Aboud Shaloub from Syria to the EU where he hopes to find refuge for himself and his family. It really carries you away, being extremely close to him on his and his family’s path.

See you, bring your snacks, let’s share.

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