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Food for thought and action – solidarity and info evening on december 1st

Last tuesday delicious food, nice and cozy music and inspiring discussions guided through the evening we co-hosted with the Internationale Socialisten.

Sharing, discussing and acting in solidarity. Together, we created some magic in the kitchen through a colourful cooking session with many helping hands. Afterwards the band Franz and Frau Schneider got everyone in a cozy mood with their kind Refugees Welcome concert.

After an informative input of justPeople and the Internationale Socialisten, a discussion in the crowded Klinker made even more clear what we are all feeling these days:

We stand in full solidarity with those who have to leave their homes as refugees. They are the direct victims of politics that are completely mislead, defending the interests of nation states. They are the ones who have to become victims of shortsighted decision makers who believe in fences as a means of security.

What can we do?

We have to show even more clearly what we are standing for, as it happened at the Nijmegen Gastvrij demonstration for a hospitable Nijmegen. To show that our solidarity goes beyond borders. To welcome everyone who comes here and to believe in sharing rather than drawing lines between what is “ours” and what is “theirs”.

It’s time to show what we believe in through our actions. Approaching one another is one of these steps. Sharing some tea and to get to know each other at our coffee and tea stand for example. It’s also important to let our indignation about how authorities deal with the current situation float into action and to gather our forces as a movement.

In this sense, a lot of engagement is happening these days. Seeing so many people at the event is one nice reflection of that!





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