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Suddenly a lot of short notice transfers to yet another huge camp. Again it’s not ready yet.

Humans of Heumensoord started a goodbye series.
Suddenly a lot of people are transferred to the Blauwestad near Groningen. Another yet not ready huge camp for 1000 people. For some the conditions might be better. But do the transfers really have to happen on such short notice? And is another big camp on the outskirts really a nice stepstone to get to know each other?

Two days ago, we wrote this about the transfers:

“People get the impression of being randomly moved across the country. This conveys a feeling of powerlessness, especially when one has stayed for months in one place, built up bonds with the city and made friends and then suddenly finds oneself in yet another unknown place all over again. This has been happening to some of our friends from Heumensoord recently, and is likely to be the case for everyone soon. The transfer always happens on short notice. One usually is informed about being transferred one or two days in advance. This shuffling around of people like playing cards several times during the asylum procedure obviously doesn’t benefit the children, neither anyone else.”

All our best wishes to the people who know leave – into conditions which will hopefully be better.

Title photo via by Mahmod Kharrat via Humans of Heumensoord.

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