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Solidarity Jam Session at Camp Zeist

On Saturday the 2nd of July we will go to camp Zeist with some instruments  and lots of care. We will have a warm jam session with some singing and dancing, etc. whatever comes up.

Transfers from camp to camp with notifications one day in advance

Last month we visited some friends in the AZC in Nijmegen who got transferred there (women who also joined one of the womens’ meetings). Again they were informed about this only one day in advance (we are not quite sure but it might be that even the whole house got transfered). Just like some months back at Heumensoord: short-term announcements of transfers, random distribution of the people, ignoring the links that have been made and no time to say goodbye.

We think: let people come here. And let them come to  rest to really arrive!

We are against this senseless shifting of people and we want to show our solidarity with them! These are our friends and living beings who should be treated as such.

If you want to join give us a message here, on FB or tomorrow at the Platform meeting so we can see when and how exactly we go.

UPDATE: Instead of Camp Zeist we go to the AZC Nijmegen!




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