Solidarity & Protest

Sign this petition to protect children and their right to stay in the asylum procedure

Children and their rights need special protection. In the asylum procedures they are not protected.

Geen kind aan de kant, demo tour, Emmen, May 2016

The asylum procedure in itself is already questionable enough. But that children’s rights are not respected is cruel on another level. They have to live in detention centers that resemble prisons. We protested against this, joining “Geen kind aan de kant- No child to the side” and we will keep on protesting, because this topic needs a lot more attention.

Another shocking fact: children can still be sent back “home” to a country they do not know at all after five years of living here. Sign this petition of “Defence for children” to at least plea for a child’s right to stay after five years of having been here! Geen kind aan de kant – No child to the side!



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