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“One freedom, one justice, one equality!”

Hundreds of refugees and other protesters sit down in front of the port of Mytilini, Lesvos, protesting against the conditions they are forced to live in and the policies that create this inhumane situation.
Read the protesters’ statement:

Read the protester’s statement:
“We have spoken, we have shouted, we have pleaded!”
Still we face imprisonment, deportation and inhumane treatment and an uncertain future. Months of waiting and suffering and still we wait for answers. We have come together to claim our rights!

The time is now for the world to see our struggle and to act. We cannot wait for more corrupt political decisions to decide our fate. We who have suffered in these conditions have united for freedom.

How much longer can we wait? Why are we kept prisoners on this island? Why are our voices being silenced? Whe are we being traded between Turkey and the Eu like slaves or cattle? Unity and numbers give us power! Our freedom has been taken, united we will take it back!

We are peacefully demonstrating today at the port of Mytilini because Eu policies have kept us prisoners on the island of Lesvos. Although we are in Greece, a false border between the mainland and the island has been erected and we have been trapped on the island for months. We are not free to come and go from Lesvs to Athens trough this port, which is Lesvos’s main contact point with Greece and the rest of Europe. We have fled wars and persecution, and yet we are being treated like criminals.

We have made recommendations to the EU and the European commission, but our letters remain unanswered, and our invitation for European leaders to visit us in Lesvos has been ignored. We are nonviolently resisting today so that the world can no longer ignore the situation in which we are being forced to live.

We thank the Greek people who are standing beside us today and in solidarity have supported our right to freedom and and to live in dignity in Europe.”

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