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We talked about our experiences at the Radboud university

The Radboud university’s research intiative GLOCAL kindly invited us to form part in a conversation about “Refugees and cross-border hospitality reflections on recent experiences”. Together with “Runder Tisch Kranenburg”, an expert from the COA and a former “refugee” we got together, informed the engaged public and exchanged best practices.

This video is an excerpt of our part of the talk. It draws the line of how we came into being and why we do what we do.  It recalls the moment one year ago, when about 60 people met for the first time to prepare the welcoming of the later inhabitants of camp Heumensoord.

We still stand strong behind our belief that there are very much alternative ways to treat and welcome people who had to leave their countries. We have not forgotten that the conditions in camp Heumensoord were disastrous and how difficult it was made to get in contact with each other. The camp’s location in the forest was far away from the city center or any supermarkets, and bikes or buses were not provided. No privacy, no appropriate medial care, no mental help, no cocking facilities, no answers. We were there because we care, and because, as we have seen, we can’t rely on the state or the municipality to guarantee human dignity and decency in a humanitarian crisis. What we need are ordinary people and the community to step in, get in touch and to double check what is really going on.

We stand in solidarity with all our friends who used to ‘live’ in Heumensoord, and especially with those whose procedures have been rejected or that are still running. Wherever you are, we won’t forget you!

It’s been one year since we all met and we want to invite you all to celebrate with next Friday at the OnderBroek. If you live far away, contact us to talk about traveling costs.

Peace and Solidarity,



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Stuck in the Balkans- How to support?

Next Monday 20.6. at 17.30 an activist from Germany is joining us to talk about the current situation for refugees on the Balkan route and her solidarity work in Belgrad, Serbia, where a lot of people are stuck on their way to northern Europe. She just comes back from there and will go back directly,… Continue reading Stuck in the Balkans- How to support?


This thursday: Academia and Activism -Cross-Border Emotionalities and Solidarities

Date: 28th January, 2016 Time: 18:30 hours Place: De Klinker, Van Broeckhuysenstraat 46, Nijmegen In this talk I wish to share my diary notes(based on my own struggles and 2 seminars I attended last year) on reflections of other activists and academics who are part of different social movements in various places – (be it… Continue reading This thursday: Academia and Activism -Cross-Border Emotionalities and Solidarities