Engage! - Postcards from the Border.

Alert supports activism documentary project in Greece and Nijmegen!

Alert Fund for Youth granted support for “Engage! Postcards from the border”! It is a pretty cool organization that promotes engaged, young and independent projects striving towards a more equal world. So, it’s justPeople and Alert teaming up, yay! Laura has been crowdfunding to buy a camera for this trip. About having found Alert as… Continue reading Alert supports activism documentary project in Greece and Nijmegen!

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Why we need to look at the bigger picture, put humans first and engage:

Thank you for coming yesterday to Filmcafé Onderbelicht! Here we leave you the last episode of “THE JOURNEY”. It is a call out to take into account the bigger picture of every human being leaving their homeland to seek shelter elsewhere. Aboud: “We shouldn’t keep talking about the refugee crisis but the reasons they became refugees”.

If you want to stay informed and support the activism documentary trip to Greece, that Laura: https://www.startnext.com/en/engage-border-postcards

We also watched a part of this:

And of this:

Engage! - Postcards from the Border. · Events · Get Involved!

Journeys. Film and info evening March 22nd

Filmcafé Onderbelicht and justPeople invite take you on a journey this evening. We travel to Lesvos, think back to Heumensoord and follow Aboud from Syria on his path searching refuge in the EU. This evening contextualizes the trip “Postcards from the border“, which will start in April and consists about taking action in solidarity networks… Continue reading Journeys. Film and info evening March 22nd

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#stillmarching! Women’s march Nijmegen 11-03-17 12pm, plein 1944

See you there! Information via the Facebook event: On Saturday 11 March we will stand together against hate and every form of discrimination*, and fight for diversity and equal rights for all. This fight is global as well as national: with the Dutch parliamentary elections coming up on 15 March, we want to make our… Continue reading #stillmarching! Women’s march Nijmegen 11-03-17 12pm, plein 1944

Women's meeting

Female magic & female power

Happy women’s day! This video is from the last Women’s Day Out that we organize. Female empowerment, getting together and uniting is what we believe in!

We reflected on the Feminine Sacred before. We want to share it here with you again, toghether with warm invitation to come and participate in our meetings! Just send us an email or connect on Facebook.
The women’s meeting is now known as the ‘sacred’ space and moment in which all women who sympathize with the immigration cause are welcome.
Without even mentioning the ancient concepts related to the Sacred Feminine, the event itself has strong characters of exaltation and unity for the present women.

Ultimately, we found out that women are not that much in public or going out, because they face constantly male oppression, discrimination and disempowerment. Therefore, we offer the Day Out as a safe space where women can come, express themselves, cook together, have nice talks, dance and enjoy a peaceful and friendly atmosphere.

We have been organizing Women’s Day Out roughly every two months, and it has reached women from different groups and living spaces all over Nijmegen, offering literally a Day Out off their normal daily lives. It is now known as a frequent encounter of females and in each edition more and more girls, kids, women and elders come together and celebrate their feminine nature in a safe and open place. In this sense, it’s not silly to compare the way these women gather with the ancient rituals to celebrate the Feminine Sacred.

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From Heumensoord to Lesvos: support activism documentary project!

Our dear friend Laura is going filmmaking in Greece in april. Ever modest and very essential as a friend and in our justPeople collective, she aims to shed light on the people who are stuck between borders and systems, juggling between basic needs, a family in a country in ruins, and hoping to get to a destination where they can rebuild their lives.
In terms of basic needs and safety, refugees, activists and humanitarian aid workers are still struggling every day in a situation that is still much more urgent than what we can see. Check out the video for a short introduction. For more information and to support, visit the crowdfunding page.
If you have any recommendations with people or situations, let us know

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How do you make a demonstration a safe place? Anti racism must be the base of it!

Update on the demonstration “Nijmegen against hate” today: How can you let someone speak at a demonstration against hate who preaches hate in the rest of thes time? At this demonstration, nazis were walking around. And a Pegida guy was speaking. After his doubtable words, he was walking off with other nazis. This is not… Continue reading How do you make a demonstration a safe place? Anti racism must be the base of it!